The Trials of Christ

The Passover meal has been eaten, Judas has done his betrayal, and as we conclude Matthew 26 and begin chapter 27 we see Jesus facing various trials, each marked by the failure and guilt of man. And while we know with hindsight, as those who have read the story, that Jesus needed to die, it doesn’t make these scenes any easier to stomach. The injustice is rampant and the trials are anything but fair, and at the end of it all, the innocent Christ is condemned. As readers 2000 years later, what are we to do with this pivotal event in Christian history? How does the guilt of Jesus’ accusers point us to see our own sin on display and the many times that we put Jesus on an unfair trial of our own? Josiah and Andrew discuss all this and more on this week’s podcast.

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Josiah Boyd

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