Some assignments are so big they can be overwhelming. Maybe it’s a comprehensive final exam or a massive term paper, a necessary home renovation
Written by Josiah Boyd
“Handle with care.” We’ve all heard, read, said, and maybe prayed those three words of request. Whether when passing a newborn to an excited
Written by Josiah Boyd
Life is always going to be difficult, but we can avoid a lot of hardship and needless struggle when we are prepared and practice
Written by Jim Rennie
The Bible is full of incredible stories that many of us remember fondly from our years in Sunday School. One such story, found in
Written by Lew Worrad
Anyone out there feeling a little worn down, frustrated, or just plain weary? If so, you’ve got company. The last number of months have
It’s been said that the world at its worst needs the church at her best. That it’s when the culture goes dark that God’s
Written by Josiah Boyd