Paul’s letter to the Romans is, all at once, dense and joyous, heavy-hitting and soul-liberating, complex and straight-forward, theological and practical. Many have called
Written by James Allman and Josiah Boyd
The book of Acts grants readers a unique and fascinating glimpse into the world of the early church. We peer through the corridors of
Written by Daniel Goepfrich and Josiah Boyd
Though it may seem a relatively small one, this episode marks another significant milestone in our cover-to-cover trek through the Bible. Here we come
Written by Ed Glasscock and Josiah Boyd
Having discussed Matthew and Mark, we now arrive in our study at Luke, the third of the inspired accounts of the life, ministry, death,
Written by Susan Wendel and Josiah Boyd
As we take another step into the New Testament we come today to the gospel according to Mark. At first glance it may seem
Written by Tim Geddert and Josiah Boyd
Our journey together through the Bible from cover-to-cover takes an important turn in this instalment as our study pivots from the Old to the
Written by James Fazio and Josiah Boyd
We’ve reached the summit of the first of two biblical mountains and find ourselves standing on the peak of the Old Testament, a peak
Written by Mike Ackerman and Josiah Boyd
It would be difficult to introduce the book of Zechariah with a better combination of urgency and anticipation than this: “The book of Zechariah
Written by Kyle Dunham and Josiah Boyd
It’s easy to become preoccupied with temporal needs, stressors, and desires and end up giving God the leftovers of our time, energy, and resources.
Written by Rhome van Dyck and Josiah Boyd
Likely battling for the title of “most-ignored-and-forgotten-book-of-the-Bible” is the prophecy of Zephaniah. Perhaps that’s because it’s so short (three chapters) that if the pages
Written by Alex Konya and Josiah Boyd
When summarizing books of the Bible, few do it better than Walk Thru the Bible Ministries. Here’s what they have to say about the
“Almost three thousand years ago, the ancient Assyrians began to flex their muscles. For the greater part of the period from the end of
Written by Filipe Santos and Josiah Boyd