As we conclude our time in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7:17–27, we turn our focus to an unshakable foundation. Join with
Storms in this life are as inescapable as they can be vicious. The rains of depression, fearfulness, and loneliness fall. The floods of personal
Written by Josiah Boyd
It’s all about relationships today! Join Andrew and Josiah as they talk about Matthew 7:1–12, the pursuit of true righteousness, and how that changes
We worship a relational God. Being mysteriously Trinity—one God eternally existing in three distinct-but-equal Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—God has always been in
Written by Josiah Boyd
As perennial as weeds in a garden, issues of wealth and worry crop up in every Christian’s life at one time or another. Join
The Bible claims (and we believe!) that “all Scripture is inspired by God and useful” (2 Timothy 3:16). However, the usefulness of all Scripture
Written by Josiah Boyd
Much of what we do as Christians, by its very nature, is visible to those around us. Yet how do we reconcile that with
Today we’re going to fight a disease together, one that often goes undetected and has eternal side-effects. The disease is that of exhibitionism—the desire to
Written by Josiah Boyd
Scripture’s Sufficiency and Christian Consistency The call for a practical doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture is a call for Christian consistency. If the
Written by Josiah Boyd
As Oakridge prepares to move back into our Sunday study of Matthew’s gospel, Josiah recruits some outside help to re-set the stage. John Oglesby
Written by John Oglesby and Josiah Boyd
It’s in the Bag: An Illustration of Sufficiency  Perhaps a picture will help solidify the previously discussed concept in our minds. A set of
Written by Josiah Boyd
Anyone out there feeling a little worn down, frustrated, or just plain weary? If so, you’ve got company. The last number of months have