According to Walk Thru the Bible, the book of Hebrews “is about going spiritually from milk to meat—to grow and mature spiritually. The author
It is customary for a good sermon to begin with an introduction of sorts, an attempt to orient the hearer to the text or
Written by Josiah Boyd
One author has summarized the books of Colossians and Philemon with the following sentence: “When Christians know the supremacy of Christ in his person
The Passover meal has been eaten, Judas has done his betrayal, and as we conclude Matthew 26 and begin chapter 27 we see Jesus
A “kangaroo court” is a trivial-sounding idiom that, in reality, describes something far less playful than its title may suggest. According to one source,
Written by Josiah Boyd
In his 2007 book, “Opening Up Titus,” David Campbell helpfully introduces this third pastoral epistle. Frank Houghton’s well-known hymn Facing a task unfinished challenges
The middle section of Matthew 26 shows us the beginning of Jesus’ misery as he moves ever closer to the cross, and in this
Young pastors are often advised, “preach to suffering people and you’ll never lack an audience.” Why? Because everyone is well-acquainted with the subject. We
Written by Josiah Boyd
Paul’s second letter to Timothy is warm and personal in its tone, containing the advice and encouragement of the aged apostle to Timothy, the
One of the topics that comes up in scripture more than most is that of trusting God. We trust God with our salvation, our
In this stop on our journey through the biblical books we arrive at the first of what are commonly referred to as the pastoral
Through a demonstration of ugly corruption and beautiful provision, the first portion of Matthew 26 invites the reader to ask themselves a question: What