When it comes to the person and work of Jesus Christ there are, at the end of the day, only two possible responses: there’s
As we enter into a week of remembrance and celebration for Christians around the globe, we want to do our best to ensure we
As we take another step into the New Testament we come today to the gospel according to Mark. At first glance it may seem
After a little over two years and one hundred episodes, we just want to celebrate! Celebrate what God has done, is doing, and will
Our culture is hugely confused about marriage, its importance and significance, exclusivity and accountability, permanence and purpose. The institution of marriage is often treated
Written by Josiah Boyd
Our journey together through the Bible from cover-to-cover takes an important turn in this instalment as our study pivots from the Old to the
In Matthew 18, in response to a question about greatness in the Kingdom, Jesus instructs his disciples to have humility like a child. This
The eighteenth chapter of Matthew’s gospel account records yet another significant teaching session from the Lord Jesus Christ. Whereas he has already described the
Written by Josiah Boyd
We’ve reached the summit of the first of two biblical mountains and find ourselves standing on the peak of the Old Testament, a peak
It would be difficult to introduce the book of Zechariah with a better combination of urgency and anticipation than this: “The book of Zechariah
With the seemingly endless barrage of bad news, it can be helpful to take a moment to pause, and read about what the Bible
It seems there’s a lot of bad news lately. A sample of recent news headlines report and warn of disconcerting realities that range from
Written by Josiah Boyd