Whom Shall I Fear? (Psalm 27:1–14)

Our world and our lives can be difficult, often filled with suffering, grief, persecution, and confusion. We need a source of strength and comfort to get us through. David, one who was not a stranger to suffering, penned Psalm 27. It takes us on the journey of his mental and spiritual process, trusting in God, seeking his presence; and yet still calling out to him in times of fear and difficulty. We’re going to follow on David’s poetic journey looking at six C’s as we progress through the Psalm.

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Andrew is the Associate Pastor at Oakridge Bible Chapel. He grew up in a Christian home, and spent time serving in churches of varying sizes and denominations before landing at Oakridge with his wife in 2017. He likes to verbally process theological issues he finds challenging and is always ready to learn something new. He has a passion for teaching the Bible, and seeking to explain confusing passages in a clear way, preferably with a good illustration or two.

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