Most people today—and, unfortunately, many Christians and churches—treat sin more like empty calories than like cancer, something that can be enjoyed in moderation but
Written by Josiah Boyd
It’s an all-too-common issue: we go through a season of suffering (or perhaps the opposite) and find ourselves feeling far from God. Maybe it
Written by Nate Vellekoop
We’re back in 1 John, and this week it’s all about keeping our eyes open for the obstacles that get in the way of
Research shows that the sunniest places in Canada are southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, a swath of land that runs from Calgary to Estevan boasting
Written by Josiah Boyd
Every year we have a Good Friday service and another on Easter Sunday, and, as expected, we talk about Christ’s death and resurrection. But
Many people work hard to live forever. For example, the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, an Arizona-based nonprofit, is on a mission to “cure
Written by Josiah Boyd
We were inspired today by the yells and cheers of kids in the building to take some time to talk about ministry to children.
Sometimes in history certain people distinguish themselves by accurately predicting an historical event and they gain notoriety from it. One such person is investor
Written by Jim Rennie
As we start into the meat of 1 John we quickly see that it is practical and filled with encouraging yet convicting words. In
Did you know there are people who have literally won the lottery but have never picked up their prize? While it isn’t the norm,
Written by Josiah Boyd
We had a special Sunday at Oakridge this week, and a special Sunday begets a special podcast. This week Andrew sat down with Dean