Have you ever tried to complete a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the final product is supposed to look like? If so, you know
Written by Josiah Boyd
Earlier this year, Pastor Josiah had the opportunity to join Pastor Jay Hinds on The Open Bible Podcast for a discussion on the kingdom of God.
Polycarp (AD 70–155), the bishop of Smyrna, was urged by the Roman proconsul to publicly renounce his faith in Jesus or face execution for
Written by Josiah Boyd
Once again on the podcast this week, we are discussing a topic often talked about in the church, but rarely understood with clarity: the
Imagine Oakridge got a letter from Christ. What would it say? What would he commend us for as a church? What would he rebuke?
Written by Andrew Longmire
Paul encourages Christians “to be in subjection to the governing authorities” (Rom 13:1a). Peter backs him up when he commands believers to “submit yourselves
Everyone loves a good story and I have a great story to tell today. It is the story of future history. It’s not fictional—the
Written by Jim Rennie
Joy, happiness, contentment. We know that the Bible calls for them, but what do we do when life hands us difficult circumstances and they
There are many experiences in life that prompt mixed emotions. Walking a daughter down the aisle can bring a father sadness and joy, nostalgia
Written by Josiah Boyd
There is a vicious snake hiding in the grass of every church, ready to sink its deadly fangs in and spread its venom. That
We talk a lot about grace in the church, and, rightly so! As Christians, we are saved by grace, live by grace, mature in
Written by Josiah Boyd
As Christians, we talk often about eternal life, heaven, and Christ’s return. But what will it actually look like when Jesus comes again? What