For the past several weeks, Oakridge has been preaching through the first few chapters of the book of Revelation, and we figured it was
Christianity asserts a number of seemingly counterintuitive truths. For example, wealth comes through poverty, maturity through childlikeness, exaltation by submission, life via death, glory
Written by Josiah Boyd
With both Genesis and Exodus in the rearview, our Cover-to-Cover series now arrives at “the place where Bible reading plans often go to die”—the
As a local church grows in size (or is forced apart because of a virus!) it can become increasingly difficult to actually know everyone
A common practice for many sport teams is to watch film from previous games. Oftentimes a coach will lead these viewings, stopping the tape
Written by Josiah Boyd
After kicking off in our Cover-to-Cover series in the book of Genesis, we now turn our attention to Exodus, a tale that follows the
If you’ve spent any time around Oakridge, or listening to our sermons online, you probably will have noticed that the majority of our pulpit
For the past several weeks we have been studying the letters to the Seven Churches found in the second and third chapters of the
Written by Lew Worrad
Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa is one of the world’s most famous paintings. Yet, if you’ve ever seen it (whether in-person or in photos) you’ll
Written by Josiah Boyd
On this first episode of our new Cover-to-Cover series we, fittingly and expectedly, address the first book of the Bible: Genesis. This is a
Today’s podcast is the second half of a two-part conversation on the kingdom of God, which originally aired on The Open Bible Podcast. Listen in
Avid hikers are used to receiving warnings before setting off on their favourite trails—“beware loose stones,” “watch for bears,” “look out for falling trees.”
Written by Josiah Boyd