Pray, Then, in This Way

Many of us may still remember days past when we started each day in the classroom with the Lord’s Prayer. But why this prayer? What is its significance, both to the disciples that Jesus taught it to, and to us now, nearly 2000 years later? Today Andrew and Josiah discuss this most famous prayer and how it can be used as a primer or foundation to guide us in a healthy prayer life. Whether you’re new to prayer, or long experienced, we hope this discussion will be fruitful and refreshing!

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Andrew is the Associate Pastor at Oakridge Bible Chapel. He grew up in a Christian home, and spent time serving in churches of varying sizes and denominations before landing at Oakridge with his wife in 2017. He likes to verbally process theological issues he finds challenging and is always ready to learn something new. He has a passion for teaching the Bible, and seeking to explain confusing passages in a clear way, preferably with a good illustration or two.

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Josiah has served the Oakridge Bible Chapel family as one of its elders and one of its pastoral staff members since September 2018, before which he ministered as an associate pastor to a local congregation in the Canadian prairies. Josiah's desire is to be used by God to help equip the church for ministry, both while gathered (edification) and while scattered (evangelization). He is married to Patricia, and together they have five children—Jonah, Henry, Nathaniel, Josephine, and Benjamin.

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